Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sultanate of Oman Pavilion - Expo Yeosu 2012 - جناح سلطنة عُمان - معرض يوسو

Here's a few photos about the Sultanate of Oman pavilion :

Face pavilion during the trial day.

The Theater 4D :

 The VIP lounge :

Historic Oman a section represents the rich maritime history of Oman....Please note that the lady is just a an icon to represent a handicraft area where handicraft men going to build ship models during the expo time :

Oman Today represents today's development and regulations of Oman in regards the maritime activities and trading :

 An artistic Panel shows the different creatures live and grow in the Mangrove forest :

The first day of Guides training...done by the Director of the pavilion :

You can learn more about this pavilion while following the Website of Sultanate of Oman :
and Facebook page :

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