Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pavilion of China chose the dolphin as mascot

The China Pavilion at Expo 2012 in Yeosu in South Korea chose the humpback dolphin Indo-Pacific as a mascot, announced Wednesday the Preparatory Committee of the China Pavilion.

The theme of the China Pavilion will demonstrate the country's efforts to use the sea in a scientific manner, with an emphasis on the protection of the marine environment and the relationship between man and the ocean, said Zhao Zhen'ge , Assistant General Secretary of the Preparatory Committee of the Flag of China and Chinese government representative at the Exposition.

The China Pavilion will cover an area of ​​1241 square meters and will be the largest foreign flag of the Exhibition.

The centerpiece of the pavilion is a theater, which will be shown a film about humpback dolphins endangered. Other projects will present China's efforts to protect the marine environment and marine technology.

Day of China Pavilion at Expo 28 June 2012 fall.

The Pavilion will accommodate nearly 600 000 visitors during the three months of the Exposition, or 6400 people a day.

Humpback dolphins in the Indo-Pacific have the highest level of state protection in China, indicating that these marine mammals are also threatened that the giant pandas.

This species lives mainly in marine waters of northern Australia, Indonesia and southern China. They are also found in the waters of the Indian Ocean and southern Africa.

The Expo 2012 Yeosu in South Korea last 93 days and will run from May 12 to August 12. Nearly one hundred countries and international organizations will participate.

The theme of the exhibition is "The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities," with the sub-themes "The preservation and sustainable development of oceans and coasts," "The new technology resources," and "creative marine activities."