Monday, May 21, 2012

BIG-O experience by ECA2

Since May 12 to August 12, 2012, each visitor to the International Expo Yeosu will have the chance to participate in an incredible sight and a unique experience, the BIG-O!

Both the icon of this event, majestic architecture and a multimedia show, the French company ECA2 shiws a world first with the largest curtain of water ever built! the breathtaking "Cascade Screen"® !

ECA2’s team designed the O as a mysterious object that could have emerged from 
the Ocean itself. It glints in the sunlight like a jewel over the lagoon. 

Modern materials such as concrete and steel are harmoniously 

combined to lend the structure an almost organic appearance.

“BIG-O”, Icon of the Yeosu Expo Site:
By day: a giant sculpture that will remain after the Expo as a symbolic landmark.
By night: the centrepiece of a unique show that embraces the Expo’s themes.

Our dedicated show control system synchronizes hundreds of special effects, creating an immersive show that plunges the audience into the heart of a sensory narrative.
WATER DESIGN: 24 moving water canons (360°); the biggest and tallest water curtain in the world (45m high) and more than hundreds of water jets...
SPECIAL EFFECTS: 24 flame generators; hundreds of mist nozzles; 5 lasers.
LIGHT DESIGN & IMAGES: 58 moving heads (1 500W) in weatherproof casing, 6 video projectors (35 000 lumens).

For over 30 years, ECA2 has been creating and producing major events and shows worldwide. Renowned for its outstanding creativity, innovative designs and technical expertise, ECA2 devises unique creations for special events, World Expos, Olympic ceremonies and permanent shows for theme parks…

Semi-permanent show opening in May 2012
Design - Creation - Production
Director & Producer: Jean-Christophe Canizares
Head of Operations & Technical Director: Guillaume Duflot
Screenplay, Artistic Director & Show Director: Moira Smith
Big-O Architecture: Mark Fisher

ECA2 Part of Publicis Worldwide,
Press contact / Images:

Emmanuelle Charotte
International Sales & Marketing Executive

Séverine Aillery
International Sales & Marketing
Tel: +33 (0) 1 49 46 30 44.

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