Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Australian Pavilion Unveiled at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, Showcasing Perfect Harmony with the Ocean

  • Contemporary Multimedia Art Sculpture, Equipped with Cutting-edge Projection Technology Represents Australia’s Ocean Currents
  • Live Exploration of the Great Barrier Reef Connected via Real-time Video
  • Attention-grabbing Kangaroo Meat Dishes from Queensland

Yeosu, May 9, 2012 – The Australian Pavilion (located on the third floor, Block D, International Pavilion) at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea introduced its major exhibition facilities that represent the Australian coast, ocean and life.

The Australian Pavilion consists of four modules and is one of the largest pavilions in the International Pavilion section. During the Expo period, the pavilion will particularly emphasize the harmony between human and ocean, with its main theme being ‘In Harmony with the Ocean’. Through three different sub-themes, ‘Coast,’ ‘Ocean’ and ‘Life’, visitors will get to experience a vast array of features representative of Australia, the largest island continent in the world, with around 60,000km of coastlines.

The first zone depicting ‘Coast’ will display indigenous artworks to greet visitors with a warm welcome. Visitors will get to discover the profound connection between the ocean and Australia, and learn about the indigenous Australians’ tradition and culture.

The following ‘Ocean’ zone, which is the main exhibit centre of the pavilion, showcases a contemporary multimedia art sculpture equipped with cutting-edge projection technology that represents Australia’s ocean currents. This sculpture, extending from floor to ceiling, with a width of 11.7m and height of 4.1m, depicts the swell of the ocean, rising and falling between sets of waves. Visitors standing around this sculpture will be able to view a variety of images of Australia with each dimension of the sculpture designed to project different angles of the images. The whole projection will last about 6.5 minutes, starting with the origin of life and ocean and continuing on to showcase some of the most attractive features found in all of Australia.

In the final zone representing ‘Life’, meant to encompass ‘Life in Australia,’ visitors will be given a chance to engage in forms of Australian entertainment such as jumping aboard an Aussie surf boat and having their photo taken with surf lifesaving kangaroos. Since surfing is a big part of Australia’s coastal sports, the Australian Pavilion created fictional lifesaving kangaroos to present a more vivid and lively interaction between the visitors and Australia.

In addition to these exhibition zones, the Australian Pavilion will connect to the Great Barrier Reef*, a major natural heritage in Australia, with up-to-date live video technology. Visitors will be given opportunities to explore the opposite side of the earth and chat with divers. This unique reef video program will be waiting for the visitors from 14:30 to 15:30 everyday starting from opening day.

Furthermore, visitors will have the chance to taste dishes made with Australian Kangaroo meat in the retail shop. The Australian Pavilion specially delivered Kangaroo meat from Queensland for the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. The Pavilion will showcase ‘Kanagroo Gal-bi-jjim (Korean style BBQ).’ Kangaroo meat has been the main source of protein for Australian people over 60,000 years, and is known as a natural health food since most kangaroos are grazed.

Lanoline cream, Australian sheepskin boots, honey and vitamins will also be sold in the retail shop. Pavilion representatives will also showcase beef pie cooked with Australian beef.

“I am very pleased to showcase our country’s ongoing efforts to preserve ocean resources for the sustainable future growth through the Australian Pavilion,” said Kevin Nixon, the head of Australian Pavilion. “Perfectly themed around the ocean, our pavilion will provide not only useful information but also unforgettable moments that our visitors can enjoy together.”

It is expected to take an average of 20-30 minutes to look around the Australian Pavilion. The Australian Pavilion aims to bring in 8,000 visitors per day and 800,000 visitors as a whole during the expo period, attracting about 10 percent of the overall Expo visitors. The Australian Government recently conducted a survey with TNS Korea on pavilions that are expected to be popular during the Expo and the Australian Pavilion was selected as the most anticipated pavilion followed by the U.S. Pavilion.

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