Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Danish pavilion at Expo 2012 Yeosu

The design and concept of the Danish pavilion at EXPO 2012 is based on the winning project “Denmark // Horizon” by COBE Architects.

“Denmark // Horizon” restores the Danish horizon and lets the visitors experience the Danish coastal life, our joy for water and water-related technical capacities. It tells the story about a modern Denmark.

The focal point of the pavilion is a circular “horizon room”, in which the visitors will find themselves encircled by a 360º projection showing a variety of selected movie sequences of the Danish sea and coast. The sensation of the coastline illustrates and brands the Danish values and know-how within the sea and coast related themes in a subtle manner, and use the “horizon” as the narrative framework for the overall concept and the storyline.

The images merge with a shiny floor that simulates a water reflection, mirroring the images and the visitors. The ceiling is constructed as an illuminated sky, which will complete the illusion of standing on the water surrounded by the Danish ocean and coast.

Five themes / five stories / five experiences

Prior to the “horizon”-room, the visitors will enter the exhibition area, where five themes/ stories/ experiences can be explored on individual exhibition walls. In an involving manner, each of these themes/ stories/ experiences will communicate examples of a sustainable Denmark.

The sea is where everything started. And to Denmark, with its 135 meters of coastline per inhabitant, the sea is also a colossal resource. More than a thousand years ago we started traveling, discovering and trading with the entire world. We made the world smaller by expanding the horizon.

Water not only connects countries, cultures and continents. Water is also a resource – from a global perspective a scarce resource. In Denmark, careful planning, a wide horizon and a number of political, technological and infrastructural initiatives have reduced the water consumption significantly.

Another natural resource in Denmark is wind – lots of wind. For the last 25 years Denmark has led the global development of windmill technology. The world’s 8 largest windmill producers all have R&D facilities in Denmark. They are seeking new horizons by constantly searching for new ways of exploiting the wind – one of the most sustainable energy resources.

In Denmark we have succeeded in making the most of the few natural resources, we have had at our disposal. The process of creating has been our survival strategy and has called for originality, innovation and creativity – it has caused us to expand our collective horizon.
Because of its unique position by the water Denmark has developed a sustainable and competitive society. Experiences from a green nation will serve as an introduction to the exhibition theme, as well as a demonstration of Denmark’s horizon broadening positions of strength. By comparing Denmark to the rest of the world – and especially Korea – illustrative info-graphic will present the visitors with information about coastline, population, wind energy, water consumption, amount of shipping etc.

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