Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Expo grandmother' sixth greatest challenges in Yeosu

Osaka, Seville, Zaragoza, Nagoya, and Shanghai. World Expo
Achieved the Grand Slam 'Expo Grandma "Mr. Yamada domiyo EXPO
Yeosu to watch for the pre-exploratory visit.

China and Japan in the community at the same time, Mr. Yamada
Shanghai World Expo opening day last year, up from the closing days a gaegeun '184 'achieving a
'Expo Grandma "nickname that stuck up do you

At this point ... "Expo Grandma" are you wondering?

Mr. Yamada domiyo with an innocent smile of Shanghai Expo visitors!
Expo was signed between the Chinese people celebrate the offensive, and that requires taking
Fans also had great fame as iteuljeongdo
She could feel the Expo, the love that runs deep?

Mr. John bream day visit to Shanghai Expo gonggaehaeju Write journaling!
Mead two books on painting and photography for each pavilion, listening to testimony that filled ppaegok,
Shanghai World Expo held 184 days in this field have had to feel alive.

Admission will be writing diaries EXPO really wondering how are you going?
Sunnis in the next year, 93 days baldojjang kungkungkung EXPO!
Expo-Challenge with grandma I'm gonna go to gaegeunsang ~
Are you going to eungwonhaeju all?

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